Country of Thailand

Thailand is a unitary state with 76 provinces and one administrative city, the capital of Bangkok. It boasts of rich history and culture. The people of Thailand originally came from the South-western China. They have migrated to the mainland of Southeast Asia after many centuries. They were once called or known as dark brown people. It is believed that their existence is traced back in the 12th century A.D through the inscription at the Khmer Temple and a complex of Angkor Wat in the country of Cambodia. Thailand was once known as Siam, which was derived from the word Syam. The word basically means brown race.

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Ancient Civilization

Thailand’s old name Syam has likely came from the Portuguese. They were the first Europeans who have the biggest contribution to the improvement of country. The prevalent culture of the people of Thailand is also credited to a number of indigenous Malay and Mon, better known as the Khmer civilization. Same as most countries in SouthEast Asia, the country of Thailand is highly influenced by religion as well as the culture of India. The connection started way back in the Kingdom of Funan during the 1st century CE of the Khmer Empire. Indians eventually started settling in. Having their strong culture behind their back, they eventually influenced the Siamese. The Indian Kingdoms of Dvaravati, Cambodia and Srivijaya are also among strong influences to Siam. In the later years of Siam’s ancient civilization, the Pallava dynasty of South India and Gupta Empire by North India.

Thailand’s Present Status

Nowadays, Thailand is one of the countries in Southeast Asia that is most visited by tourists. There are things that serve as the reason why it is being chosen by people as a beautiful destination for vacation and getaway. Green Jungle places, waters that are crystal blue—good for warm bathing and with foods that will surely make you feel good about everything in their country.

Thailand has a reputation of an exotic place but it is always safe and inexpensive. Though that is true, it boasts of modern amenities for every tourist who is looking for a great destination and luxury away from home. Thailand’s tourism is based on the rich history and culture together with its carefree people who are into preserving what their country has. Lots of tourists are going into the country of Thailand and because of what the country can offer, they extend their stay and have plans to comeback in the nearest future.

This does not always means that the country of Thailand has no downsides in many aspects such as in the growth of economy and other development issues. Some problems related to Thailand’s heavy tourism areas are tourist scammers and long process in immigration. The slow follow up and action of the police when a tourist has been murdered or attacked are among the worst issues that give the country not much good impression.

Culture of Thailand

The culture of Thailand is heavily influenced by Buddhism. However, unlike countries which are also influenced by Buddhism, Thailand is following the teachings of Theravada school. It is arguably closer to Indian roots and emphasizes monasticism. Each Thailand Temples are even called as Wats, which are magnificent with its gold and very easy to identify ornate. There is an abundance of pointy roofs in these temples and at times when they turn to a beautiful orange, look like robed monks. With the country’s prevalent weather, during the three months of rainy period, these temples serve as common ritual of passage for young boys and men of Thailand.

There are even some traditional arts, which are popular in Thailand, that have also its traditional music and dance based on the rituals of religious aspects as well as for court entertainment. Muay Thai is a term for their very famous and brutal Boxing. This boxing is actually derived from military training of Thailand for their Thai military group and it has been known also as their best indigenous sports. There are also some cultures in Thailand such as the Hill tribes. They inhabit on the northern and mountainous part of Thailand. There are even indigenous island people in Andaman Sea and Muslims to the South.

The southern Thailand is even known for its spices. Most of their cuisine influences has its origin from India, Indonesia and Malay. A famous favourite from the South includes Indian style Muslim curry locally known as Massaman, rice noodles on fish curry sauce locally known as Khanom Jeen and their popular chicken food which is the chicken birayani. Their all-time popular foods are rambutan and salted eggs. When it comes to entertainment, night clubs, Karaoke and beer bars are the most imminent. Such things place Thailand as a country on the map.

Climate of Thailand

Thai people experience hot and humid temperatures the whole year with a range of 25 to 35 degree Celsius. There are also relief or people on the mountainous part of Thailand which is in the North. Hot cold, and rainy, are the seasons or climate that Thailand experiences year-round.


When it comes to transportation, Thailand is also one of the best. Their international departure has great services for every traveller from anywhere in the world. Their airlines provide good foods and drinks for passengers. Wi-Fi connection is accessible anywhere in the country of Thailand, making travellers connect a lot faster with their family and friends from half the world away. For their land transportation, busses, taxi, motorbikes and cars can are all available 24/7. This makes the mobility in the country very easy.

Thailand is a great country that has a lot of great things to offer, too. It may not be a perfect country as they have also issues they can surely provide solutions to such problems in no time. What matters most is when you go to Thailand, you will surely have the best experience in touring around the cities and even the countryside regions.